Mid Rates

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Viking Ragnarok Online

Renewal Server: Episode: 16.2, 3rd Jobs with Star Emperor & Soul Reaper, Max Level 185/65 & 99/70. Max Stats 130. Rates 150x/150x/50x. MVP Cards 0.02%, Cartas Normales 10x. Trajes Alternativos disponibles, Daily Rewards,...

Mid Rates Renewal 150x/150x/50x

Mystery Ragnarok Online

Server Renewal 30x30x10 max lvl 185/65 3rd class, Soul Reaper & Star Emperor, Client 2018, Attendance System, Stater Pack, episode 16.1, all illusion dungeon, all instances, BG 3.0, BIO Nightmare, active and dedicated staff.

Mid Rates Renewal 30x/30x/10x